Riku Chutia



Designation:         Assistant Professor

Office Address:   Department of  Electronics & Communication Engineering,
                               Tezpur University

                               Napaam, Tezpur 784028
                               Assam, India

                               Tel: +91-3712-275260
                               Fax: +91-3712-267005/6

                               E-mail: riku@tezu.ernet.in

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Year of Passing


Electronics Design & Technology

Tezpur University



Electrical Engineering

Jorhat Engineering College, Dibrugarh University



Professional Experience:     

*  Presently working as a lecturer in the Department of Electronics and communication Engineering Tezpur University from 2006.


Title:     Design and Development of an intelligent and online ElectronicNose System for odor  
The main objective of  this  project  is  to develop  an   electronic  nose system for odor discrimination. The system was developed using an array of MOS based gas sensors for odor sensing and a pattern recognition engine to discriminate different odorantís. Exploratory data analysis technique like, principal component analysis and Artificial Neural Network were used as the pattern recognition engine. The Pattern Recognition engine was made in Matlab environment. The odorantís that were used was 8 different chemicals.

Title:       Design of a microprocessor based wireless programmable robot

Objective: The main objective of this project work is to design and develop the electronics and software for a microprocessor (8085) controlled robot. The microprocessor receives a set of commands from a remote pc through IR link, process it and controls the movement of the robot. Program in pc was done in C and in microprocessor 8085 assembly language programming.

Research Area:    Instrumentation, Embedded System, ANN, Signal Processing.